The new duck house

Due to a broody taking over the duck house. My husband and I decided to make a nice new one for the others.

We had been um-ing and ah-ing about making a new house for them anyway as we wanted to put them separately from the chickens (who have to stay penned when they are not being watched in the garden, but the ducks can wander freely in the garden as they dont pull up or damage all the plants).

So here was our excuse! My husband went and bought some lengths of 2 x 4 from the local saw mill (as we didn’t have any left over or recuperated wood available) which cost about 40 euros.

Then we used some hardwire for the base and some left over scrap pieces of roofing we had to make the roof.

We decided we wanted a little hobbit style house for them building it into the garden so it was hidden and pretty to look at as it was visible from the gite we rent out to families. We also covered the roof with some plants.

We chose a wire base as I wanted to do deep litter method straight onto the ground. Unlike the chicken coop which is raised into the air and very hard work to clean out.

So for now it looks like this.

I am very pleased with it and all i need now is some little nesting box areas for them. At the moment they lay in the house before i let them out in the morning and i have to use a little spoon attached to a long stick to scoop them out!


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