Shower time!

Every so often the house plants need a good dusting. I take this opportunity to do a double whammy and give them a nice humid shower. They love this and it always perks them up. To save water a good trick is to have them in the shower when you are showering. IMPORTANT : Make…


Vegan Fruit Crumble ❤ Serves 4 people Pears or apples 5 Vanilla 1tsp Cornflour 3tbsp Flour 125g Oats 80g Sugar 100g Cinnamon 1tsp Coconut oil 240ml Wash, peal and chop up your pears / apples (or your chosen fruit). Mix your fruit tin with the vanilla and cornflour. Then share out into individual dishes, or…

Hautacam walk

12th April 2018 The snow was wet and sludgy, the skies were filled with incoming storms. But we went out anyway and had a nice play. #makingthemost #goodtimes    

Sun is out. So we are outside

30th March 2018 The sun is out and we are outside, making the most of the time we can spend getting the garden tidy after a mainly wet winter. Even Leia is outside enjoying some sunshine and eating fresh grass! The ducks are on form, doing their job of clearing slugs and bugs.